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How Can I Keep My Elderly Parents Safe from Serious Injury?

Your mom has tripped over things before, but it’s definitely different this time. It’s taking her longer to heal, she’s afraid of going outside—and she still can’t explain exactly what happened. It could have been just a mistake, or it could mean her eyesight is failing or she can no longer feel her feet. Whatever the cause, you know it’s time to begin seeing your parents as senior citizens—and taking proper precautions to protect them from unnecessary injuries.

How You Can Help Protect Seniors from Suffering Accidents

  • Take it slowly. You didn’t notice your parents were getting older until recently, so it will likely come as a surprise to them, too. Your interventions should be gradual, taking care not to hurt your parent’s feelings. When you make suggestions about switching to healthier foods or making additional doctors’ appointments, make sure you stay positive and don’t criticize.
  • Teach; don’t take over. You don’t want your parents to suffer a loss of independence, so look for ways they can take care of their own health. Give them stickers to color-code their pill bottles and tops to avoid a medication mix-up, and install grab bars and non-slip floors in the bathroom.
  • Get specific. Many seniors are injured because they feel that they should be able to solve their own problems, even the ones that require physical labor. You can prevent this by offering your own services—mowing the lawn, driving your mom to the grocery store, or planting flowers—and commit to specific dates and times when they will be done. If you (or your children) cannot be relied upon, consider hiring house painters, roofers, or other cleaning and repair services.

What to Do If Your Elderly Parents Need Legal Protection

Unfortunately, there are many people who prey on seniors, attempting to steal their retirement funds or to take advantage of their kindhearted natures. In addition to keeping your loved ones safe from injury, you should also make sure that their finances and assets are protected, both during their lifetimes and after. If you need help creating a will or allocating your property, click the contact link on this page to set up a consultation with a Lee County elder law attorney.