I have many years of experience providing representation and counsel to homeowner and condominium associations in Estero and throughout SW Florida.  I have had the privilege of representing many condominiums, property owners, town home and homeowner associations over the years.

Most homeowners’ associations work and work well, but when they don’t they can pit neighbor against neighbor. It is the mandated duty of The Board of Directors to ensure that each and every member of the community is living by the provisions of the community bylaws and through the CC&Rs or other rules promulgated by the Board of Directors.

Whether enforcing the Rights of an HOA, or defending against a Homeowners Association that is improperly taking actions against a Homeowner, the assistance of a lawyer who understands how to approach an HOA Board of Directors, or how to approach individual Homeowners is most important, and can minimize the toxicity that develops in communities because of lingering and mushrooming disputes.

Some of the matters handled most frequently regard transition from developer to owner control, as well as interpretation and enforcement of covenants and other governing legal documents.  I’ve also consulted on developer turnover issues, advising boards of directors in regard to their legal rights and obligations under the association governing documents, revising and negotiating contracts, assisting with zoning and land use issues, collections and litigation matters.

In addition, over the years I have litigated on behalf of aggrieved Homeowners, representing individuals against HOA’s who arbitrarily and capriciously, or improperly enforce rules  in order to harm those they do not deem fit to live within the community.

Every situation is different, so we encourage and invite you to call us and discuss your situation.