Your business means everything to you. Your employees are like family, and protecting your company means more than just protecting your bottom line—it means ensuring their livelihoods. That’s why, when you find yourself in the middle of a legal dispute, you want the best representation available in southwest Florida. Whether a lawsuit has been filed against you by a customer, a client, or an employee, or you are considering taking legal action against another party, I will draw upon my experience representing big and small business clients to help you proceed in a manner that is smart for you and smart for your business.

Where Business Is Concerned, I Handle it All

Our attorneys have a unique understanding of the concerns of parties involved in business litigation. Having studied business management and worked in fields other than law, I am able to put myself in the client’s position to determine the best course of action. I’ll take a “macro” look at the whole business picture before deciding on an action at the “micro” level of the legal dispute. We have successfully pursued business litigation in all of the following areas:

  • Contractual and transactional disputes. We are experienced in handling contract disputes of all kinds, including conflicts surrounding partnership or shareholder agreements, banking documents, employment contracts, non-competition agreements, purchase and sales agreements, and much more.
  • Shareholder derivatives. The decision to file a suit as a shareholder on behalf of a corporation is a complicated one. Our attorneys will walk you through the process and discuss potential positive and negative outcomes.
  • Confidentiality agreements. Whether drafting a solid agreement or pursuing action when a breach of confidentiality has occurred, we understand the importance of your trade secrets and we will make sure they are protected or that you are compensated when they are shared.
  • Non-disparagement clauses. Protecting your reputation is of the utmost importance to you and, therefore, to us. We can ensure that your non-disparagement clause covers all the bases, and then we will be there for you to fight any breaches of the clause.
  • Business disputes. In any dispute arising out of your business—whether with a partner, employee, contractor, lending agency, supplier, customer or client, or government agency—we will support you in pursuing the legal option that makes the most sense for you and your business.
  • Probate litigation. When ownership or partnership relationships are impacted by a death, we can navigate the probate process with you to make sure your business interests are protected.
  • Insurance disputes. Insurance policies—whether employee health plans, property contracts, or liability coverage—cost your business big bucks. We will take on insurers that don’t hold up their end of the bargain or claim you’re in default.
  • Fraud. Whether you are accused of fraud by a third party or suspect an employee is guilty of defrauding your business in some way, we can sort through the details and fight the battle in court if necessary.
  • Defamation. In this day of online reviews and social media posts, you may find your business on the receiving end of untrue and negative publicity. When this happens, you may have cause for a defamation suit against the poster or website.

No matter what the business dispute is, I view every client as a partner in decision-making going forward with a case. I never view clients or cases as moneymaking ventures. My goal is to empower you to fight for what’s right where your business is concerned.

We Are Here for You in Southwest Florida

I came to the southwest Florida area with experience from all over the country. I have represented big businesses in big cities, and I can do the same here. We can also bring that big business experience to your small or family-run business. Either way, you can’t go wrong so call now to schedule an evaluation of your case.

Estero Business Dispute Lawyer