Some people think only multi-millionaires need to worry about planning for their assets after they have passed away.  However, the fact is everybody has property, investments, savings, and retirement plans that they can’t take with them. Taking the time to work out a plan for these assets now will save your loved ones time and money—and sometimes outright conflict—once you are gone.  It can also save your estate (and your heirs) money as well.  At Ric Blackwell Law, we offer comprehensive estate-planning services including wills, trusts, powers of attorney, guardian and trustee appointments, and more.  Don’t put this off.   Call us for a consultation now to assist with making your estate pass to your heirs that way that you’d like.

We also specialize in assisting with administering the estate, whether it’s a probate estate or a trust estate.  Whether a trustee is administering a trust, or a personal representative is administering a probate estate, we can provide counsel and guidance efficiently and economically.