Estero Construction Law

People love southwest Florida, and for good reason. From our beautiful beaches to our spectacular golf courses and nonstop nightlife, the draw for retirees from all over the country is undeniable. No matter where you are relocating from, you may choose to make your new home your own with a major or minor construction project. Unfortunately, you could find yourself facing unfamiliar statutes and ordinances that lead to more trouble down the road. You might also find that your contractor is not upholding his side of the contract. By contacting Blackwell, Vishio & Fisher early in the process, you can proceed with the peace of mind that the law will be on your side.

No Dispute Is Too Small

Our construction litigation attorneys understand that your construction project is a very big deal to you. Even a minor delay or small mistake could have costly consequences, while barely affecting the contractor and his crew. When dealing with a construction project, there are many things that can go wrong, and we have seen and litigated them all. The following are just a sample of the kinds of cases we have successfully handled:

  • Construction contracts. The best defense is a good offense. We can help you negotiate the language of your contract before building even begins to protect your interests and ensure you get what you want.
  • Liens. Florida’s lien laws are complex and homeowners risk losing their homes if a lien placed on their property is not handled correctly. Homeowners should never go it alone against a construction firm or lender.
  • Construction defects. Anything from major structural defects to fit and finish shortcomings could lead to a dispute. Many Florida homeowners are unfamiliar with Florida Statute, Chapter 558, Notice of Claim, which requires homeowners to give contractors and subcontractors notice of any defect and an opportunity to cure the same before commencing a lawsuit. We know the ins and outs of the statute and can make sure it works in your favor.
  • Property line disputes. While these cases can be very straightforward, they can also be complicated by involving too many parties and taking legal action before attempting a negotiation. Our lawyers can simplify the solution for a positive outcome for you.
  • Zoning and land use disputes. Adding a dock to waterfront property or putting on an addition that a neighbor claims obstructs his view can lead to a costly court battle. We will draw on our experience to negotiate a resolution that saves you time and money.
  • Scheduling delays. If your contractor or subcontractor takes longer than the agreed-upon time to finish your project, it could drive your costs over and above your budget. Our representation can ensure that you are compensated for delays.
  • Much more. Whatever problem you encounter with your contractor, subcontractor, local authorities, materials suppliers, neighbors—you name it—we are here to help.

My goal is to settle your construction dispute in the least costly, most expedient manner possible, but if negotiation and mediation are ineffective, we are experienced litigators who will take your fight to court if that will ensure the best solution for you.

As a Construction Attorney, I’ll Look Out for the Little Guys

We know there’s big money in representing builders and lenders, but we choose to represent the little guy instead. For many people, a major construction project is a once-in-a-lifetime undertaking and, with no experience in what could go wrong, they are vulnerable to being taken advantage of by big construction firms. That’s where we come in. From negotiating the contract with your builder to litigating a dispute over structural defects, we will be there for you. Contact our office for a free review of your case now.